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Thank You for Your Support & Changes on the Website

Thank You for Your Support & Changes on the Website

About 8,000 people now visit our websites ( and every month and new people subscribe to our newsletter almost every day, a huge increase compared to a year ago.

More and more people are also slowly but surely taking the step to contact or visit us for a conversation about meditation or to actually start meditating on buddho, not only from the Netherlands, but also from the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and even Iceland and Hong Kong.

It remains inspiring to receive messages and donations from people who feel touched by the content of our website or express their deep appreciation for the guidance we offer.

This supports us tremendously, thank you very much.

We feel very motivated to continue to make the necessary effort in the coming year to present the Dhamma in all its beauty and clarity and to guide people on the path of meditation.

In the end, that is what we are doing it all for, to give people the opportunity to get a clear and correct picture of Buddhism, and to make the buddho meditation method that Ahba teaches, which brought us so much good, available to all who are interested.

Changes on the Website

In the past year, numerous small and large changes have been made to the website. Here follow briefly the larger and more relevant changes.

First External Author

For several months now, we have had our first external author writing texts for publication on our website: Guy E. Dubois. We have been an admirer of his work for a long time and are honored to be able to publish his texts.

The collaboration with Guy further stimulates us to start looking for more people who write high-quality texts and like to share them with the world via our blog.

Over the past year, we have worked hard to get the English translation of our website in order, and as far as we are concerned, we have succeeded.

In this light in particular, we would like to thank Gordon Ong for his donation of the domain name

Mr. Ong has managed this domain name for many years. He foresaw that this domain name would be important for Theravāda Buddhism because the mantra buddho plays such a central role in the practice of buddhist meditation.

He hoped to be able to give away the domain name for a larger purpose. After visiting our website he was immediately convinced that our foundation would be a worthy owner.

With the help of the domain name, we expect to be even better equiped to promote our English language website internationally.

New Digital Infrastructure

Over the past year, has been accepted for the charitable programs of several major companies: Google, Microsoft, Digitalocean, Plesk, Mollie, PayPal and Cachefly. This has given us the opportunity to take the digital infrastructure of our website to a whole new level and we will continue to tinker with this the coming year.

New Editors

Due to the increasing complexity and size of the websites, we have expanded our editorial staff by two members.

Florus van Beek will focus on the management of the digital infrastructure and Rick Weimar will help with the editorial tasks in the back-end of the website.

Please Share Your Ideas

If you have any ideas about what can be improved, what is missing or what you like to read/hear/see, please let us know.

In this way we hope to take further steps in preserving and protecting the Dhamma that is so beautiful at the beginning, so beautiful in the middle and so beautiful at the end.

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