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Start Meditating: Our Meditation Course

Start Meditating: Our Meditation Course

Start meditating and set out on the path to greater inner calm and an ever deeper understanding of how your mind works.

This is how you work toward a more satisfied, easier and happier life.

Why this is so will soon become clear to you once you have spent some time practicing meditation yourself.

But it is you who has to take the steps on the path; no one else can do it for you.

To get you started, we are offering a free 6-week meditation course.

This way you can learn to meditate and explore whether meditation is for you.

Learning to Meditate

For anyone who wants to learn to meditate, personal guidance is essential.

Therefore, in our 6-week meditation course, we offer truly personalized guidance, one-on-one, totally tailored to you.

Our meditation course begins with a personal introductory meeting.

This can be done digitally, but our preference is a physical appointment.

If you would like to bring someone along to the meeting, that is of course no problem.

The introduction is completely non-committal, whether you want to start the meditation course afterwards or not is entirely up to you.

During the meeting we will discuss any previous meditation experience you may have and we will explore your wishes and questions.

Of course, we will also tell you more about our meditation system and how it fits within the Buddhist framework.

The meditation system we teach uses a beaded necklace (mala).

If the meditation system we teach appeals to you and you want to continue learning to meditate, we will give you a mala as a gift.

Then you can start practicing meditation right away, at your own home.

What We Expect from You

When you begin the meditation course we have one “requirement”: you give the meditation method a sincere chance for 6 weeks by meditating for 20 minutes every day.

By meditating daily at home for 6 weeks, you can become familiar with the method and what meditation does to you.

Only then can you truly learn to meditate.

In addition, we expect you to have (at least) weekly contact with the meditation teacher during the meditation course so that you can be properly guided.

This can be via email, app, phone or a video call, but of course you are always welcome to drop by during those 6 weeks.

The Cost

We have stated it before, but do so again for clarity: all our guidance is (and always will be) free and without obligation.

We give our guidance out of a deep gratitude for what this meditation system and the Buddhist framework has brought us.

Should you wish to do so you can make a donation, but that is really entirely up to you.

And After the Meditation Course?

When you have completed the meditation course, you will take stock of it together with the meditation teacher.

If you want to stop, that’s no problem.

If you have come to the conclusion that meditation is a valuable addition to your life, then we encourage you to continue.

Ultimately, meditation is something for the rest of your life; our meditation course is only the first step.

And if you want, we will continue to guide you. We will leave the frequency of contact entirely up to you.

On average the people who continue visit us 1-4 times a year, just to tune in and see how things are going. But you are always welcome, so don’t worry if you want to come by more often.

In addition, after the meditation course you may participate in the monthly group meditations and our retreats (at the moment only in the Netherlands) to further deepen your practice.

Do You Want to Start Meditating?

Are you motivated to take the first step on the path? Then fill out the contact form below to get in touch.

Please note: Due to a meditation retreat, we will be unavailable from February 7 to March 7. Please feel free to leave a message, we will respond as soon as we are back!

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