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The Buddho Foundation, Living the Dhamma

The Buddho Foundation, Living the Dhamma

Our mission is to enable people to live a moral, mindful and meaningful life, in the spirit of Theravāda Buddhism.

The foundation believes that the method of samatha meditation (concentration meditation) on buddho can offer a valuable and essential contribution to this goal.

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Our Objectives

In a general sense, undertakes activities to realize the above mission. In particular wishes:

  1. To support society in the need for personal reflection, meaning, compassion and inner spiritual development.
  2. To teach and inspire people to live an ethical and mindful life through a way of living in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha, with the practice of moral behavior and concentration meditation as important activities.
  3. To make the meditation method called buddhānussati, specifically samatha meditation on buddho, better known and support and promote its practice.
  4. To promote and support the study of Buddhist philosophy in the tradition of Theravāda Buddhism, including Abhidhamma.
  5. Giving everyone the opportunity to study and practice  Buddhism, and specifically samatha meditation on buddho, through the establishment, promotion and management of meditation groups and centres,
  6. The foundation also has the objective of performing all further actions which are related to the aforementioned objective in the broadest sense of the word or which may be conducive to it.

How We Plan to Achieve Our Goal

  1. By organizing a events every year to deepen knowledge and practice and/or to emphasize important core values and to commemorate important events.
  2. By means of personal guidance, encouraging participants to practise meditation on a daily basis and to integrate meditation into their daily, professional and family life.
  3. By organizing monthly meetings for meditation and discussion of Buddhism, in which the principles of a Buddhist way of life are repeated.
  4. By managing a website where high quility information about the meditation method and Buddhist philosophy can be found for anyone who is interested. Through the website everyone is given the opportunity to contact us for more information, personal instructions, practice or conversations about what is important in life.
  5. By aiming to obtain income only from donations, without a fixed contribution from practitioners, in order to provide access to meditation and Buddhist philosophy for the less fortunate.
  6. By facilitating space for the above activities by renting or (if possible) purchasing suitable locations.
  7. By facilitating meditation teachers for the guidance of the above.
  8. By being open to cooperation with other bodies pursuing the same goal.

Foundation date: 13-6-2019
KvK number: 75081350
RSIN: 860134568
ANBI status: assigned

Board members:
Mr H. Schreuder, Chairman
Mr W. Doorn, Secretary and Deputy Chairman
Mr. M. le Comte, Treasurer
Mr. R. van Giels, Board Member

Reward policy:
The directors do not receive any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses except for the occasional travel expenses. Their time and contribution is entirely voluntary. The Foundation has no employees.

Policy plan
Policy plan 2019-2024 (Dutch)

Financial Annual Report
Financial annual report 2022 (Dutch)