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Images of the Bodhgaya Temple Opening Ceremony

Images of the Bodhgaya Temple Opening Ceremony

The Maha Bodh Chedi (also called Bodhgaya temple) is a 1:1 replica of the temple with the same name in Bodhgaya India, erected on the spot where the Buddha attained enlightenment.

The opening ceremony was a big event in Thailand, many famous meditation masters and abbots visited the ceremony and paid homage to Ahba and his monastery.

In the temple there is a museum-worthy collection of Buddha statues from all over Asia. Alleged relics of the Buddha, formerly kept in different Thai monasteries, were placed in the crown of the temple.

The temple has become an attraction for lay people and monks from the surrounding area. Whoever does a retreat at Ahba’s monastery can also occasionally meditate in the temple (if you dare to brave the sporadic hustle and bustle).

We also have a video of the blessing ceremony of the ground where the temple was build in which Ajahn Kalyano tells us  about Ahba and his monastery.

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