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Videos of Ahba’s New Uposatha Hall

Videos of Ahba’s New Uposatha Hall

A year ago, Ahba announced the construction of a new Uposatha Hall. This hall would be entirely built in Burmese style, with a central Buddha statue in the style of the famous Mahamuni Buddha from Mandalay.

What made this announcement very special is that Ahba indicated that the temple would be finished in just one year, before the kathina ceremony (the end of the vassa, the three months long retreat during the rainy season) in early November 2019.

And it worked! Not because a large construction company was brought in, but because of the tremendous effort of a group of disciples led by Ahba himself. The hall is gigantic and very beautiful and powerful.

Our deep respect goes to Ahba, who, as one of the project participants and creator of the videos below says, “is like a crown jewel in the heart of his disciples.”

August 2019: The Placement of the Mahamuni Buddha

October 2019: The placement of the Temple Crowns

November 2019: The Uposatha Hall in 1 Year

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