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Expansion of the Digital Theravāda Library and Authors Page

Expansion of the Digital Theravāda Library and Authors Page

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to expand our digital Theravāda Buddhist library.

It contains a handpicked selection of books by renowned Buddhist teachers and authors.

Our effort has resulted in one of the largest digital Theravāda Buddhist collections worldwide.

Unique about our collection is the high level of user-friendliness. Not only can you easily search through the collection by author or title that interests you, but you can also read each book directly online and search through its content. This way you immediately know whether it appeals to you.

Of course we hope to further expand our library in the coming years, so please let us know if you have any ideas or additions.

About the Authors

To support the digital library (and our Buddhism and meditation blog) we have also  created a separate authors page on which all authors can be found whose work we have published on our website.

This way you can easily find all the available material from your favorite author in addition to a photo and some background information about the writer.

We wish everyone a lot of inspiration!

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