The Way to Ultimate Calm

The Way to Ultimate Calm

Webu Sayadaw was believed by many to have attained complete peace and happiness, the eradication of desire, anger and delusion. He was venerated by many in his lifetime and those who followed his instructions to practice given in these discourses benefited greatly.

Most of these discourses were given before large audiences during Webu Sayadaw’s travels in lower Burma. The person or persons answering Webu Sayadaw are lay-people sitting up front and close to him.

Because they were delivered extemporaneously, the discourses are repetitive and were edited slightly so that they lend themselves better to reading. Care was taken, however, to edit only obvious repetitions and only when they had merely rhetorical value. The reader may still find the discourses repetitive, but with some patience and “mindfulness” he will discover in them many insights into practical Buddhism.

Webu Sayadaw’s discourses are not meant for the person who prefers the study of Buddhist philosophy to the practice. His refreshing simplicity, his patience, his lovely sense of humour, and his humility — are revealed in the dialogues with his audience. Moreover, the statements of the people in the audience offer us a glimpse of how Buddhism is practised in Burma today.

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Sinds 2017 werken we eraan om mensen de kans te geven om via het internet kennis te maken met samatha-meditatie op buddho, een meditatiesysteem dat ons veel goeds heeft gebracht. Naast het verspreiden van dit meditatiesysteem hopen we een waardevolle bijdrage te leveren aan de kennis over het boeddhisme en meditatie in Nederland. Hiervoor schrijven en vertalen we regelmatig teksten en plaatsen we andere inhoud die we van hoge kwaliteit achten of die direct gerelateerd is aan onze leraar Ahba.

You yourselves must strive, the Buddhas only point the way

Buddha, Dhp 276