Nina van Gorkom

Abhidhamma in Daily Life

Abhidhamma in Daily Life

Abhidhamma in Daily Life is an exposition of absolute realities in detail. Abhidhamma means higher doctrine and the book’s purpose is to encourage the right application of Buddhism in order to eradicate wrong view and eventually all defilements.

Many terms in Pali, the language of early Buddhism, are used and are defined as they are introduced. The book is therefore suitable for beginners as well as practicing Buddhists. It is detailed and precise and an invaluable aid to unlocking the deep meaning of the entire Buddhist canon and applying the theory to our daily lives for the benefit of ourselves and others

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About Nina van Gorkom

Nina van Gorkom, born in 1928, is a Buddhist scholar and translator in the Pali tradition who has written extensively on the Abhidhamma. Born in the Netherlands, she moved to Thailand as an adult and studied extensively with Thai teachers.

You yourselves must strive, the Buddhas only point the way

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