Ajahn Liem

Knowing the World

Within this little booklet are teachings on the nature of the mind and the world given by Luang Por Liem Thitadhammo.

During a visit to Sri Lanka in March, 2013, Luang Por had this Dhamma discussion with the resident monastic community at Na Uyana Forest Monastery. The sincere interest in practicing Dhamma and developing meditation led to practical and profound teachings on training the mind and understanding the world.

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About Ajahn Liem

Ajahn Liem Ṭhitadhammo was born in Sri Saket Province in the Northeast of Thailand on the 5th of November 1941. He is a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition.

After higher ordination at twenty years of age, Ajahn Liem practised in several village monasteries throughout the Northeast until he joined the Forest Tradition in 1969. He took up the training under Ajahn Chah, who later became one of the most famous monks in the country, and whose reputation and influence has continued to spread throughout the world, even today. Living under Ajahn Chah’s guidance in Wat Nong Pah Pong in Ubon Province, Ajahn Liem soon became one of his closest disciples.

After Ajahn Chah became severely ill in 1982, he entrusted Ajahn Liem to lead the monastery. Shortly thereafter, as Ajahn Chah’s illness prevented him from speaking, the Sangha of Wat Nong Pah Pong appointed Ajahn Liem to take over the abbotship. He fulfils this duty up to the present day, keeping the heritage of Ajahn Chah’s Dhamma and characteristic ways of monastic training available for monks, nuns and lay disciples.

You yourselves must strive, the Buddhas only point the way

Buddha, Dhp 276